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Cepho Celho Lizo

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“We are called to come together, to give our best and do our most. Life rolls out with song and dance, one for every new day. I am not the best but I will give all of me. I hope the same of you. With songs on our lips, joys on our face and friendship in our heart.” O Rhosi
We sing our "Li" in the Chokri dialect of the Chakhesang Naga tribe of Nagaland [India] and our songs are often accompanied by the age old Naga one stringed instrument, the "Tati/Heka Libuh". We are trying to keep the tribal Naga tradition of folk singing alive and in our songs, we tell the stories of our people, their joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations.


Upcoming Shows

  • New Delhi, Delhi at India Habitat Centre 2015 7pm 17th Feb 2015 Lodhi Road

10 Past Shows

  • New Delhi, Delhi at New Delhi World Book Fair 2015 11am 17th Feb 2015 Pragati Maidan

    • Ahmedabad, Gujarat at Musica Fest 2014
    • 12/17/14 Dimapur at Coffee for a cause
    • 12/04/14Kohima at An evening of Li at Camp Kohima
    • 12/02/14Kohima at Handshake Hornbill Edition
    • 11/30/14Kohima at Li for friends from Myanmar
    • 11/29/14Greater Noida at NH7 Weekender – New Delhi
    • 11/29/14Greater Noida at Nh7 Weekender New Delhi
    • 11/23/14Pune at Sunday Worship at NCF Pune
    • 11/22/14Pune, MAHAR at NH7 Weekender Pune


Video Blog

During a tour of a village one beautiful Sunday, we went to visit our friend’s aunt. We sang “E Zhalilü” for her and two friends, who had come to visit her.



Latest Blog

2014 kickstarted with a series of events down South of the Country and we were pleased to continue our musical sojourns at a city we had been looking forward to visit. Thanks to Khublei and Zubaan, we got the opportunity to share our music on a platform dealing with issues close to our heart.
The event was Cultures of Peace, a festival of the northeast, spanning three cities of India - Pune, Mumbai and Guwahati. The festival, a collaboration of Zubaanm The Heinrich Boell Foundation and Khublei, is in it's third year since conceptualised and produced by Preeti Gill and Mary Therese Kurkulang, the festival directors. The festival aims to bring music, literature, art, dialogue, culture, writings and issues of the North Eastern region to the rest of the country and beyond. We were part of the Pune stop and my, were we in august company?


“At a time when language had no written forms, generations taught the younger ones to act, live and work through songs. These songs also kept the memories of ancestors, brave warriors and legends alive in people’s minds. Folk songs have been a part of every Naga’s life. Yet, in current times, the Tetseo Sisters — Mercy, Azi, Kuvelu and Alune — are the cultural ambassadors who have brought Naga folk music, in its pure form, to a larger audience outside the state of Nagaland…The Tetseo Sisters should be commended not only for their amazing voices and singing, but also for documenting so well a rich cultural heritage. Going through their blog, one comes across traditional stories that feature in the Chakesang folk songs. The blog sure is a resource.” Juanita Kakoty – Deccan Herald


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