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  • Chapter One: The Beginning


  • Cepho Celho Lizo [Single]


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16th-17 March 2017 | British Council | New Delhi, India


    Cepho Celho Lizo (Official Music Video)

    Edited by Shishir Jha | Filmed & Directed by Imchatsung Imchen
    Record Producer & Engineer: Mhaseve Tetseo
    Tetseo Sisters 2015 © Li Tsale Records. All Rights Reserved



    We are a family of four sisters & brother celebrating the song of life, the beauty of the hills & storytelling, through the language of Li

    Lulu Tetseo Singer/Tati Player/Mother
    Lulu Tetseo Singer/Tati Player/Med Student
    Kuvelu Tetseo Singer/Tati Player/Salad Girl
    Mercy Tetseo Singer/TatiPlayer/PR
    Mhaseve Tetseo Guitar/Producer/MusicEngineer/Brother

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