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  • October 26, 2018

The Story behind the song ‘As We Go’

Hiyohey! Our latest Tetseo Sisters Music Video “As we go” is a travelogue of the siblings from a three week road trip to Leh from Delhi in 2016.  Shot along the Manali- Leh route in Jispa, Sarchu, Mooré Plains, Leh, Nubra Valley, Turtuk and Pangong Tso with glimpses of Kohima, Nagaland where we live and Mumbai, Maharashtra where the Pandit Gandharvs live.

The song ‘As we go’ is written by a very talented singer/musician Moatemsu Walling – inspired by the style of traditional Ao folk worked into a ballad with lyrics in English. The song is a compelling reflection on the journey of Nagaland, especially her people through the many years of struggles and uncertainty; and is the prayer of every Naga for peace, hope and a bright future with God’s grace and light leading the way.

Interspersed with Chokri Naga Li harmonies and fused with classical Indian vibes in the form of Tabla, Belabaharr and Harmonium as accompaniment and a specially composed Aalaap by Pandit Naviin Gandharv, the song is a beautiful melodic and contemplative statement of folk meets contemporary and classical.

The song also has the distinctive sound of the Tati (Naga single stringed instrument), Khro-khro (gourd and cowrie shaker) and the National Award winning Bam hum invented/designed by Moa Subong of Naga band Abiogenesis.

Tati (Naga single stringed instrument)

The Belabaharr is a one of a kind instrument born of the fusion of the Sarangi and the Violin. An invention of Pandit Babulal Gandharv, an accomplished and renowned musician and played by his son, Pandit Naviin Gandharv – making him the only Belabaharr virtuoso in the world.

Panditji Naviin Gandharv with the Belabaharr

We first met Pandit Naviin Gandharv in Mumbai in 2016 – through common friends, to collaborate on a song that we performed at our NCPA Mumbai show. We started jamming and the result was so beautiful we knew we had to formally record “As we go” in this fusion form and share it with the world. This song is close to our heart because we all identify with the ups and downs of being Naga and living through some troubled times or our parent’s experiences. The stories are too close and raw still. When Moa gave us the song, we felt that we had to do something special with it and this is what we have.

We filmed this travelogue on our Ladakh roadtrip in 2016 – a journey of epic proportions made even more special by a wonderful stay at TUTC India’s luxury camps in Leh and Nubra as well as many memorable pitstops along the way both to and fro. Needless to say – it is one memory that will stay with us forever. The highlight of the trip was marvelling at God’s creation and the realisation of how special He has made us –  surrounded by mountains and blue skies and just nature all around us – our eyes opened up even more than ever to have His light guide our way – As we go. And the indomitable spirit of mankind to survive against all odds – geographic, emotional and otherwise.

Pandit Naviin Gandharv with father Pandit Babulal Gandharv, Mercy in Mumbai

Watch the video here


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