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  • March 8, 2017

Happy Women’s Day | yolk studio | Bangalore

We are thrilled to have collaborated with the beautiful and talented people at the amazing Yolk Studio Bangalore. We were being photographed by Sam Mohan, the co-founder of Yolk Studio and we spontaneously decided to create this video document of our cover of Madonna’s ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl”. We incorporated Phrozü Li, the Lamentations of Women into this beautiful song released from Madonna’s 2000 album ‘Music’.

Thank You Yolk Studio! Hiyohey!
Documented by Sam Mohan
Photo Assist: Abhishek Srivastava
Yolk Studio Bangalore April 2013

“The lamentations of a woman are many.
In our silence rings volumes of uneasy truth.
We toil in unseen ways and our aches unspoken.
The fruits of our labors enjoyed.
Gratitude seldom comes our way.
While complaints unceasingly flow loud.
Perhaps we made a vow to weep in silence,
While drying others’ tears all around.
A sister, a daughter, a mother in deed,
But none to call on when in need.

Citizens of nowhere and propertyless.
We belong to the one who keeps us.
We earn nothing and keep even less.
We are always prepared for change and eventualities.
No questions asked.
Youth is a scourge and aging, a curse.
Beauty is fleeting and kindness taken for granted.
But our chores multiply day by day.

This season, a decked up bride,
Next season, a sagging beast of burden.
While our husbands’ youth renew,
Our wrinkles increase in count.
Who has time to listen to our tales of woe?
Who will hold our hands through the darkness?
Who will wipe the sweat off our brows?

Oh! many are the lamentations of a woman.
But we do best to smile and bear it.
For tomorrow is a day just like today,
But we make do and help the others get through.
And we gather together and make light of our pains,
In songs, we weave a happy present.

Like the patterns we discreetly draw,
Into the clothes you adorn yourself with.
Our invisible stories, our dreams and yearnings.
Happy patterns, bold ones, colorful ones.
Resigned, we soar and live in you.
This, our destiny.”

At Yolk Studio, Bangalore
A selfie with Sam Mohan & our brother Mhaseve!


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