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  • January 28, 2015

Happy New year – A new year has come

Hiyohey! It’s a brand new year already and wow! How time has sped by?

Around the same time last year, we were in New Delhi sharing Li and once again we are heading back to the Capital to work out some pending things and fit in a long due shopping spree too.
Hornbill Festival came and went and it is getting bigger. Had some interesting exchanges with visitors again and a lot of feedback from people who are yet to visit our beautiful if dusty State capital. The Amur Falcons came visiting and this time, got the red carpet treatment. Proud of the effort and the changing attitudes.

Yes. A lot of things could be different. And then again, we have all come a long way as a people, a state and in terms of how the world now sees us. A few bad moments for the state in 2013 and lots of great moments. Like the mindless violence and rising petty crimes. Much progress too. Many more entrepreneurs and groundbreaking projects and accolades for many of our Naga Youths in their respective fields of expertise.
We are getting there, slowly but surely. But where do we want to be as a people? Points to ponder on for 2014. We have to work together. Do our duties and not just fight for our rights.

On the music scene, so many great new talents on the frontier. So much to look forward to.
2013 was a busy busy year and 2014 promises to be an even busier year.
Working to keep the trend running. It’s a great feeling to be meaningfully occupied.

We are greatly appreciative and grateful to all lovers of Li for the encouragement and the support.
We look forward to another year of Li and many more wonderful opportunities to share our culture, fashion, food and music with the rest of the world.

Thank you all and a very Happy New Year to all of you.


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