• admin August 7, 2011 Mystery Unsolved: Dzüdü Lake

    Dzüdü Lake is situated about 3 kilometers away from Thüvopisü Village of Nagaland’s Phek district and requires an hour of uphill trekking along the river that flows down from it. It also feeds the Thüvopisü microhydel project and is the main source of water supply for five villages in its vicinity. The word “Dzüdü” literally means […]

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  • admin July 22, 2011 Last momo standing: Simply Tasty

    After a long studio session, Lulu’s first successful N.O.O.B.S deal finally gave us the perfect excuse to visit and check out what “Simply Tasty” had to offer (once the good was delivered). Sampling momos has always been a favorite ritual whenever we sisters hang out and Simply Tasty has been on our “tryout list” for some […]

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