• admin August 9, 2011 One day at a time : Tsakhatiyo, zhole rüle tiyomo

    “Tsakha tiyo, Zhole rüle tiyo mo” is the title of a Li we sing. . Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom have coined the phrase which can be translated loosely as “As you sow so shall you reap”. “Tsa = seed”; “kha = to give/sow”; ” zhole = leisure”; “rüle = lethargic and lazy”; “tiyo […]

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  • admin August 7, 2011 Mystery Unsolved: Dzüdü Lake

    Dzüdü Lake is situated about 3 kilometers away from Thüvopisü Village of Nagaland’s Phek district and requires an hour of uphill trekking along the river that flows down from it. It also feeds the Thüvopisü microhydel project and is the main source of water supply for five villages in its vicinity. The word “Dzüdü” literally means […]

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  • admin June 24, 2011 Our journey : Glimpses

    A lot of times, people walk up to us and say they are proud of us and then ask us why we do it. Our response is always “Because we love to sing”. We have been doing this for so long. First it was just Azi and Mercy as Alüne and Kuvelü were just babies. […]

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